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Hello, hello, hello, is there any body in there? Just nod if you can hear me…

October 22, 2009

That’s exactly what im asking my inner homunculus right now.

Motivation: the internal or external activation or energisation of goal-directed behaviour (a.k.a. the thing that’s lacking at the moment).

So where is he? I mean, she.

Probably roaming this seemingly existential world in the form of some amalgamation of carbon and whatever-makes-up-rubber molecules, as I have reached my burn out (what is rubber made of btw?). Uni is draining whatever resources i have left. which is just plain dandy. really. which is a shame, as i never really was a fan of dandelions. wait, present tense, i am not a fan of dandelions, in any form (physical or figurative) or permutations.

BUT thank [equivalent of]god for music!

Music. The core, the solace, the savior of my existence. I never truly realised till today, when i had to go a whole train and bus ride (yeah, all 40 minutes of it) without music. Needless to say, i was not a very happy chap. lady, i mean. i found myself disoriented without my morning ritual of Metallica’s turn the page. or my morning power glowing, juicy flowing red hot meaning of life that is Disturbed’s Mr. Draiman. same goes for Matt Tuck, actually.

Not only disoriented, i found myself grumpy and annoyed (“why couldn’t that guy just put his volume up a little higher so I can listen to it too?! too much to ask?!”) and even quite uncharacteristically jealous that other ppl got to listen to their ipods/iphones/mp3s while i had to preserve my iphone battery. So what did i do in the mean time? Some good ol’ fantasisng. The one truly awesome thing about the human condition. the capacity to imagine. and i imaginated about my upcoming birthday. my 21st, in fact. FUN comes to mind. but i intend to have a party with my awesome friends and family,with some singstar and guitar hero (which the bro & i are planning to buy ourselves for christmas =] ). Im also hoping to learn guitar for real, and i have someone special in mind whom i want to teach me, can someone say Grant?  Talented individuals such as Tom Morello and J. Hendrix, coupled with awesome metallica openings and riffs (“one”, “sanitarium”, “the unforgiven II”, to name a three) instill this need to learn the guitar… to the point where it overrides all other biological and psychological drives and gets me playing air guitar in my mind (not in a public place like a bus stop, of course. i have some impulse control). today’s inspiration was little wing, Hendrix (in particular the little bit 5-8sec in).

Yeah, music teaches and gives you a lot in return i think. If only those power-hungry and glorified liars with compensation issues that are “politicians” listened to some of the real stuff; a lot of things could be bettered. avoided even, perhaps. Conspiracies. they completely interest me. it even complies with the whole biopsychosocial model of explaining phenomena, whereby each element or domain interact and interplay on each other in potentiating the phenomena of interest.

How, you may be wondering? Biological factors (immature development of prefrontal cortex notoriously responsible for impaired executive functioning) + Psychological factors (emotional bluntness, complete lack of empathy, pathological lying, intense need for assurance or acceptance, delusions with or without behavioural disturbance) + Social factors ( screw socioeconomic status and culture, perhaps them living in some completely qualitatively different new world order that has disrupted any opportunity for interpersonal relations) = The Politician Disorder. Maybe chuck it on axis II (where personality disorders and mental retardation are put) as symptoms appear to overlap with Antisocial Personality Disorder, Narcissistic PD, and Borderline Personality Disorder. so, maybe classify it as borderline human disorder?

As you can probably tell, psychology interests me. a lot. which is why i can seem to be better able to tolerate “reality” TV shows, and its accompanying idiocity. One such example, Beauty and the Geek: Australia. Upon entering a room with the ♀ and ♂ symbols, one such beauty excitedly exclaimed (not exact quotes, my bad): “i think theyre little clues of which countries, like venus, mars, earth”, to which another fellow beauty somewhat disapprovingly and also excitedly replied: “hahaha earths not even a planet… is it?!”.

and i’ll leave it at that. Please feel free to comment and give feedback as this is my first time blogging =o)

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  1. October 22, 2009 1:29 pm

    hello… Pink Floyd.
    Good choice in music.
    Good voice.
    Great start man.

  2. notbelle permalink
    October 22, 2009 1:37 pm

    me ❤ the first entry!
    keep it up, lovely!

  3. Arezo permalink
    October 23, 2009 12:20 pm

    You know my views on this already, but just thought I’d officially leave you some love 😀

    Beauty and the Geek…love it!!!!!


    • October 24, 2009 1:13 am

      Thanks lovely 🙂

      haha beauty and the geek was gold. Can’t believe how brain dead they are. Atleast one knew that earth belonged in the planet category and not the country category, even if she was unsure.


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