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One Love.

January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

im really hoping this year is A LOT better than the previous. oh nine, was not very fine.

lyrical genius, i know.


To be honest, i don’t know if mine are resolutions or a to-do list. i think this year i just want to be more healthier (not necessarily be a skinny lollipop looking cow) (oh, the oxymoron!) and just try new things and be less afraid of being myself and going after what i want.

Also, i seem to have procured an obsession with finding a fine male physique that can crack walnuts with his nether region. the back one. This, i can somewhat disconcertingly blame on a puff piece aired on A Current Affair on Monday 28th December, 2009 (wow, feels quite long ago already). You see, they were spreading the word about raising money for, and supporting a charity org. through buying calenders. Did i mention these calenders were just full of naked firefighters? naked and ripped firefighters? If i remember correctly, the reporter said: “You can crack wallnuts on that arse“, and after an automatic (“that’s what she said”), i became obsessed with finding my very own. So does that count as a new years resolution?

oh, and get my L’s.

anyway, heres a pretty picture i found. i am obsessed with the colour red lately. i think im gonna be the lady in red at my 21st *ponders*

post title lyrics: “One Love” – David Guetta ft. Estelle

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