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tattooed all i see, all that i am, all i’ll be.

February 26, 2010

Hmm its been a while since my last post. And what a post that was. A rant to rival Sarena Williams, i’m sure. But i sit here in a better state of mind, most definitely more wise.

My 2010 has continued to stick with its new bipolar persona, too. Although, i must say, its hovering in the manic stage the past month. Which is absolutely fine with me.

January. First half, complete nightmare. Loads of family and friendship (and other ship) problems. Summation: Up shit creek without a paddle. Second half of it was great though: BDO, turned 21 the next day -seeing MUSE, live, front row has got to be the best damn present ever!- and Golden Key conference the week after, where i got to listen to many extraordinary people and meet some equally amazing ones too.

Feb. Much betterer. Been busy with organising GK UWS’ first social event of the year, Politics at the Pub. Honestly, stocked as hell. President has managed to nab some very high profile speakers, and the event is coming together much more clearly. Ive been looking at ways to get publicity/media coverage that it deserves. Am secretly hoping to get a photo somehow with the Hon. Bob Carr ( I mean, its BOB-freaking-CARR!!!).

Lately, I seem to be fixated on Pearl Jam’s “Black”. Don’t really want to delve into why im fixated. But if you’ve heard the song, you would have a fairly decent inkling.

For anyone who’s heard the song, you will understand when i say it stirs something within you. It’s the kind of song/music that feeds your soul i think. For me atleast.

Anyway, i was youtubing it today. I honestly can not fathom what kind of strength it took Eddie Vedder to actually perform this, given the topic and history. Though, he hasn’t actually spoken outwright about the song’s true meaning. I do remember reading an interview a few years back with him saying that its too personal and he will never comment on the real story/meaning behind it. (Note: 2:01-2:05 and changed last verse).

Post title lyrics: Black – Pearl Jam.

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  1. February 26, 2010 8:19 am

    ❤ this song.

  2. pistaye permalink
    February 26, 2010 9:54 am

    Epic song!

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